Project Planning

For major mechanical contracts we will review the plans prepared by a mechanical engineer to familiarize ourselves with the work to be performed. During this process we will analyze the direction of the design to ensure that the desired results will be obtained in a cost-effective, timely, and safe manner. Upon request, we also have the capability to prepare mechanical plans and specifications in-house.

Initial Planning

Major sources of input to mechanical planning are the collection and the review of available site information, followed by a thorough site inspection. After consultation with the client, we will identify and recommend options and alternatives that will best suit the needs of the client.

Site Inspection

After contract award, our staff will conduct an inspection of the site to be renovated in coordination with the owner’s representatives. The objectives of such meetings are to familiarize project personnel with the surroundings, perform preliminary surveys, and obtain and review any available information. Drawings, utility maps and photographs of the area are valuable assets to obtain from the owner if they are available.


The personnel at DJ’s are fully versed in all facets of piping, whether it is process, boiler, condensate installations or others. Our staff is composed of qualified welders, fitters, and plumbers, who are very experienced in all types of material used in piping installations.

Equipment Installation

As a mechanical contractor, and proficient in all facets of HVAC, we deal with such items as heat exchangers, condensate receivers, boilers, chillers, and much more.

Preventive Maintenance

Being dedicated in our field, we provide our clients with maintenance program that will ensure proper care, as well as service, for all of their needs. Along with this service is our 24-hour / 7-days-a-week response team that insures all of our installations are working properly.

Replace HVAC
in Bldg 5611

This project consisted of the complete renovation of an existing, occupied residential building in North Bergen, NJ. The work included: structural and mechanical demolition; HVAC and plumbing (design and installation of new systems and equipment, to include water distribution, fan coil units, and testing and balancing); architectural casework, Carpentry work; firestopping, caulking, interior and exterior joint sealants; insulation of new water distribution system.

Upgrade HVAC
System for Catapult

DJ’s Mechanical, Inc. was responsible for providing all labor, material, equipment and supervision required for the removal and replacement for air handling equipment in two buildings at Lakehurst NAES. This included mechanical demolition, large ductwork installation, fan replacement, AC split system installation and unit heater installation.

HVAC for
Medical Bldg 39

DJ’s Mechanical, Inc. was responsible for providing all labor, material, equipment, and supervision required for the removal and replacement of HVAC equipment in an occupied medical facility at Lakehurst NAES. This work included mechanical demolition, structural steel installation, carpentry, hot water / cold water piping systems, cutwork and air outlets installation, patching and painting, various HVAC equipment installations (i.e. 11 air handler units, a chiller, a unit heater, pumps, 8 humidifiers, 4 dehumidifiers), and vibration isolation

Bldg 5431

DJ’s Mechanical, Inc. was responsible for providing all labor, material, equipment, and supervision required for this design-build project at an Army barracks building at Fort Dix. This work included mechanical demolition, structural steel installation, carpentry, masonry work, hot water / cold water piping systems/ ductwork and air outlets installation. Patching and painting, HVAC equipment installations (i.e., 4 make-up air units, a chiller, 73 fan coil units, 2 unit heaters, 2 cabinet heaters, an electric wall heater, radiant ceiling panels, & 6 exhaust fans), vibration isolation.

Why we are the best

Expert Engineers

The personnel at DJ's is fully versed in all facets of your Pipping and HVAC needs.

Highly Certified

DJ's is a highly certified Mechanical Contractor.

Positive Reviews

Quality, Exceptional, Dedication are just a few words our clients use to describe us.

"Their high level of support reflected the high value they placed on customer service, whish is greatly appreciated."

LCDR Jerry Babb

Chief Staff Officer, 3rd NELR

"The staff at DJs Mechanical has proven that they are true professionals who understand the needs of their customers."

Robert Raffeto


"D.J.'s Mechanical has always been very positive. Their field personnel are very good, their engineering suport staff is exceptional."

Antonio Buonsanto

Direcotor of Facilities S.B.O.E.

"Their ability to keep the lines of communication open while on the job are one of their many outstanding assets"

John Hausmann

Assistant Vice President, Operations Bayonne Medical Center

"They worked vigorously and condected themselves in a calm and professional manner."

Carmine Volturo

Head Custodian Indiana Avenue School